I think I was born a cartoonist, but wasn’t cognizant of this handicap until developing an urge to share doodles resembling primitive Thurber drawings in a college newspaper. That led to sporadic and experimental drawing periods in my life intertwined with jobs a sane person would hold, but never stepping too far away from this odd passion.  In my mid-twenties I entered and won a Minneapolis newspaper cartoon contest, and that firmly planted my feet down the cartooning path. Over the years my work has been published in magazines, businesses trade journals, national greeting card companies, newspapers, and in several books for national book publishers. I was honored to win the Green Eyeshade Award for editorial cartooning in a print publication the three years I entered. I was most influenced by my father, James Thurber, Woody Allen, Charles Schultz, Berke Breathed, Bill Watterson, and a host of The New Yorker cartoonists. God was included in this list, but he asked to be taken off.

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Mark Addison Kershaw

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